Saturday, February 2, 2013

My Bloody Valentine - m b v

" The album is now live on "

Ahh! Oh, yes. The new album by My Bloody Valentine, titled "m b v", is finally here! Well, almost... The site is currently unavailable due to getting slammed by thousands of hungry, would-be listeners. Some of the comments from anxious fans on their official Facebook page ( ) are pretty funny, though. It has been over two decades since the release of their last album, the breathtaking and indelible classic Loveless, but some people are freaking out about having to wait just a little bit longer because of the site not loading. To be completely honest, I'm freaking out too, but out of excitement not frustration. I couldn't be more psyched for this, but I will try to remain patient. The included pic is a screenshot I took of the closest I've been able to get to it so far, before the site went back down. If you are (somehow) unfamiliar with the band, I recommend that you check out their music as Soon as possible! I will post an update once I have successfully purchased the album. Stay tuned!


The site is working now! I downloaded the album and just finished listening to the whole thing. It is almost beyond words, but a few that come to mind are Amazing, Incredible, Fantastic, and Astounding. It is extremely original, yet maintains that classic MBV sound. Wow. To anyone who said that it would be impossible for them to create a worthy follow-up to Loveless, you were wrong. Blissfully wrong. This was definitely worth the wait. My only hope is that we don't have to wait another 20+ years before we are treated to their next full length, but at least we shouldn't have to wait very long for their next new release, because there is already word of an EP on the horizon as well. Also, they just started touring. These are exciting times, indeed! Whether you are a longtime listener and fan of the band or just some poor, lonesome creature with a pair of ears, I urge you to buy this album right now. It is available in three different packages: 180 gram vinyl + CD + digital download, CD + digital download, and digital download. All downloads are your choice of 320kbps MP3, 16bit 44.1 K WAV, or 24bit 96 K WAV. Again, I am absolutely floored. I need to listen to it again right now. *click* There, that's better...

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